Park & Ride | Autarkic Counting Powered by Solar Energy

Park & Ride is a good concept to decrease traffic in city centres. P & R car parks, for example, facilitate car-pooling, which contributes to reduce traffic. Along commuter routes Park & Ride car parks are generally located close to stops of public transport. 

Particularly when intending to use public transport, the commuters need to know whether the nearest P & R car park still has got vacant spaces or not. Arriving at a car park and finding it completely occupied, the commuter loses time. Failure to be able to park the car may also reduce the general acceptance of P & R car parks. Such negative experience may be prevented by providing the commuters with the relevant information while driving, e.g. the current availability of parking spaces on P & R car parks along their route. 

Such information based on counts is usually not available because most Park & Ride car parks are not operated and neither have barriers nor any equipment counting parked vehicles. Above all, they may be located for from any infrastructure required. 

Here MagSense® closes a gap. MagSense® is a high-performance magnetic field sensor counting oncoming and parked vehicles with greatest accuracy while consuming minimal power. This prepares the ground for an operation powered by solar energy. It is sufficient to count the vehicles and to transmit the current occupancy to a cloud. The cloud provides various web applications, apps and mobility platforms with current numbers of vacant parking spaces. 

MagSense® is a closed system, fully autarkic, which far from any infrastructure facilitates counting parking spaces and providing gained information to drivers via various media. Thus, drivers can decide beforehand, for example, which P & R car park to approach to take bus or train.

Solar panel to supply power for the P+R car park

Magnetic field sensors laid in asphalt

Sender transmitting current occupancy

Visualization of available parking spaces via web and app

Your benefits

  • Autonomous system
  • No external power supply required
  • Data transfer via UMTS
  • Application possible far from any infrastructure
  • Visualisation of available parking spaces via web or app
  • Integration into mobility platforms possible
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low costs
  • "Buy data not sensors"

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