Unauthorized parking | Detection of unauthorized parked vehicles

Retail trade in cities faces particular problems. Parking space in the city centres is often very limited. Above all, the few available parking facilities are increasingly managed; parking fees are rising. The inevitable consequence is that visitors and residents frequently occupy vacant parking space intended for customers.

Unauthorized parking inevitably goes along with a loss in sales for retail trade. The needed parking lots originally designed for customers are occupied and no longer available. When there are no more vacant spaces, by then at the latest the customer decides to go to another retailer or directly to one of the big stores on the outskirts of the city. Then, the retailer has lost the customer and with him the potential turnover.

To reduce or even prevent such loss of turnover, the retailer feels impelled to take measures to detect unauthorized parking as reliably as possible and to stop it. First, there is the possibility to set up barriers at entrances and exits of parking facilities. However, barriers and the related and necessary ticketing is cumbersome to handle and expensive. And, as is known, barriers are high-maintenance devices.

The retailer may also inspect the parking facility in regular intervals, marking all parked vehicles by drawing a chalk line or placing a small stone on the tyre. In the first instance this proceeding seems faster and cheaper, but, all things considered, the effort made is not low. Depending on the size of the parking facility and the number of daily inspections, it takes working time which inevitably will be missed elsewhere.

With MagSense® MobiliSis® has developed a comparatively simple and low-cost system which monitors the occupation time of parking spaces automatically and identifies unauthorized parking.

Automatic detection of third-party parking

Automatic detection of unauthorized parking

First of all, the magnetic field sensor technology called MagSense®  will be installed by a simple cut on the individual parking spaces.

On a screen in his office, the manager can monitor the current status of the whole parking facility at any time. For each parked vehicle, it has been recorded exactly when it was parked and how much time has passed since then. If the maximum parking time has been exceeded, there will be a message on the screen indicating which vehicle it is and how long it has already been parked. The same message can equally be transmitted to a smartphone via an app. The manager can now take appropriate action.

The maximum parking time can be specified individually. When needed, individual parking spaces can be excluded from monitoring. If required, additionally installed cameras and their recordings may be referred to provide evidence.

Do you wish to get more information, comprehensive costumer consulting or a detailed offer?

Do you wish to get more <strong>information</strong>, comprehensive costumer consulting or a detailed offer?

Your benefits

  • Monitoring of all parking times
  • Automatic detection of unauthorized long-term parking
  • Alarm transmitted to computer or via app
  • Display of vacant spaces equally via web or app
  • Simple installation
  • Integration into mobility platforms possible
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low costs
  • Business model "Buy data not sensors" is possible

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