Detection of Vehicle Direction

Detection of vehicle direction by MobiliSis® magnetic field sensors

Automatic detection of wrong-way drivers at resting places

Time and again media report on drivers who for unfathomable reasons have entered the motorway or highway in the wrong direction. They have not only been a serious hazard but may even have caused accidents. Entering in the wrong direction may happen at access points as well as when leaving rest areas.

Here, with MagSense® MobiliSis® can offer a solution, too. The very small but highly powerful sensors can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently at the motorway entrances and exits concerned to detect the running direction of passing vehicles.

If a vehicle driving the wrong way has been detected, police, radio station or highway surveillance centre etc. can be alerted immediately. Hereby, the way of communication can be selected freely. Such a monitoring system can be used anywhere since it has its own power supply and communication system, if needed.

At the same time with a simple upgrading of the software the cross-section can be used to count vehicles. If both entrances and exits are equipped, the number of vehicles between the count locations will be known (e.g. staying in a rest area, a P & R facility etc.).

Detection of wrong-way drivers at motorway exits