Gate and Bollard Control

Gate and bollard control

Magnetic field sensors can also be used for gate control. First of all, MagSense® ensures that a ticket is only issued if there is a vehicle in front of the gate, a feature that prevents misuse by endlessly drawing tickets. Furthermore, magnetic field sensors below the gate secure its closing after the vehicle has passed through.

Today inductive loops used at gates increasingly have major problems. More and more often SUVs and other vehicle which consist of little ferromagnetic material are not detected correctly any more. This is exactly where magnetic field sensors bear another major advantage. Their settings can be made much more sensitive so that they can detect such vehicles without difficulty.

Gate control

To open a gate or a door is generally linked to a legitimation - the authorization to open. Legitimation can be made much easier using MagSense® RFID or MagSense® Bluetooth. ...

Bollard control

Bollard control using MagSense® RFID or MagSense® Bluetooth opens up the same possibilities and bears the same advantages as in case of gate control. A particular advantage of bollard control using MagSense® is the reliable detection of vehicles close to the bollards. This is necessary to prevent their rising if there is another vehicle in the immediate neighbourhood which could be damaged