Automated Recording of Timestamps

The planning and coordinated execution of operational procedures and complex process chains on airports, such as de-icing, is now being based on timestamps. They are used to fix the time when a milestone is expected for planning purposes ('Estimates') or when a milestone has been reached for post-analysis of the process and for invoice calculation ('Actuals'). Over the past few years, more and more timestamps have been established to allow for a higher granularity in planning and exhaustive post-analysis by the stakeholders.

With MagSense Air, a whole range of previously not automatically detectable timestamps can easily and reliably be included into the planning and post-analysis process. This includes, among other things, the recording of parking times at parking positions without docking guidance system (AIBT and AOBT). These are often still recorded manually, although the timestamps are the basis for invoice calculation processes between the airport operator and the airline. Automation would simplify the process, reduce costs in the medium and long term, and establish higher legal certainty.

MagSense Air can also be used to record timestamps on de-icing pads and positions, to identify waiting times in front of runway holding points and also when aircraft, tow movements or vehicles have passed over time-critical geographical points in the taxiway system during taxi-in or taxi-phases of flight, as it is highly precise, reliable, and easy to implement.