A-SMGCS | Docking Guidance System (Visual and Auditory)

Sensor-based systems providing visual guidance information to pilots when parking the aircraft on the parking position have been available for a number of years now. These systems usually use a laser scanner to detect the aircraft and have a reliability problems in certain weather conditions, especially in fog and heavy rain. In addition, these systems need to be mounted onto a building or a mast in front of the parking position. Thus, they are not suitable for parking positions which can be left by the aircraft under its own power, so called ‘roll-out’ or ‘non-pushback’ positions. At some airports, the number of non-pushback positions is quite high and for these positions there is currently no alternative to manual parking instructions in all weather and visual conditions available. MagSense Air can be integrated as an additional sensor as it is independent of disturbance variables and highly precise. For this purpose, MobiliSis GmbH and Fraport AG strive for industrial cooperation with companies already established on the market.