A-SMGCS | Holding Point Protection System

Taxi processes on airports often involve holding instructions for aircraft, tow movements and vehicles at defined holding points. The protection of these defined points against unauthorized overruns, a function of the Airport Safety Support Service of the A-SMGCS, is currently not always possible, since the accuracy required in detecting the position of the mobile is not reliably achieved with the sensor technologies in use.

Monitoring of the compliance with stop instructions at holding points is a high priority task, since converging traffic is generally subject to the risk of collision when holding instructions are being ignored. It is therefore highly recommended to use MagSense Air to monitor these positions with high precision and reliability. The holding position can be equipped with a MagSense Air-based Holding Point Protection System by implementing the sensors into existing pipes or ducts, or alternatively by installing them into a joint between concrete slaps or a joint cut into the tarmac.

In case of an overrun, the generation of an alarm is usually carried out centrally by the A-SMGCS of the airport and on the basis of the precise position information of MagSense Air. It is then depicted to controllers as an alert on the Controller Working Positions.