A-SMGCS | Runway Incursion Protection System

The runway system is the most safety-critical area of an airport. In consequence, this area is subject to special safety precautions and considered a ‘protected area’. A protection of the holding points for entering the runway protected area against overruns is of paramount importance, as the approach and take-off speeds are much higher than the speeds of mobiles on taxiways. Thus, a possible mistake, such as the failure to observe a holding instruction, directly leads to a collision hazard.

With the currently available technologies the protection of runway holding points, a core function of the Airport Safety Support Service of the A-SMGCS, is not always possible. This is true, since the accuracy required in detecting the position of the mobiles is not reliably achieved with the current sensor technologies. In consequence, the highly precise and reliable MagSense Airport can be implemented to erect an adequate Runway Incursion Protection System. The sensors can therefore be implemented into existing pipes or ducts, or alternatively by installing them into joints between concrete slaps or in joints cut into the tarmac.

In addition to using the sensor data for triggering a warning for the controller in the control tower via the A-SMGCS, it is of course possible to combine the MagSense Airport Runway Incursion Protection System with various warning devices in the field, such as flash lights for visual warnings or a VoiceLink device for auditory warnings. This device, protected IPR of Fraport AG, is a specially designed 75MHz transmitter that delivers synthetic speech into the specific airport cockpit that needs to be warned. This is done according to controller inputs or triggered by the Surface Management System of a Controller Working Position. The synthetic speech is received by the marker beacon receiver available in all aircraft.

MagSense Airport can provide valuable benefits in this extremely critical area and effectively protect the runway from unauthorized entry into runway protected area.