Sequencing of Service Road and Taxiway Traffic

In many apron areas at airports, service roads run along the parking positions of the aircraft and many times service roads even cross the taxiways. These intersections, in spite of clear regulations and signposting, tend to produce dangerous situations between vehicles and aircraft. At many airports, "hot spots" for such incidents are known, e.g. where taxiways intersect close to buildings and service roads go across the intersection.

On the basis of MagSense Air, cost-effective and tailor-made solutions can be implemented which detect approaching aircraft and towing traffic, with or without integration into an A-SMGCS, and initiate locally configurable traffic control measures, for example by switching traffic lights on a service road to red. In addition to the flexibility in installing the sensor system and a possible connection to an A-SMGCS, also the visualization of the stop instruction in the field can be realized according to local requirements, e.g. with underfloor traffic lights or auditory via a VoiceLink.