A-SMGCS | Integrated Sensor-Guidance-Light

The integrated Sensor-Guidance-Light is being developed in order to integrate the highly precise and reliable MagSense Air sensor technology and visual and audible guidance components into a unique product that can be implemented on the aerodrome surface without the need for construction work. The main idea is to technically integrate, i.e. to physically attach, MagSense Air sensors with a taxiway center line light and to use the center line light as a source of energy and as an access point to data networks. The integrated light provides high-precision position information as a point sensor when detecting a nose wheel of an aircraft or a vehicle. The position report can then be sent to a Multi Sensor Data Fusion in standardized data format (EUROCONTROL ASTERIX).

The integrated Sensor-Guidance-Light can also serve as a visual guidance component, e.g. as a lighting element of Follow-the-Greens. In addition, it is planned to develop a VoiceLink module for the integrated Sensor-Guidance-Light, which can be installed in or close to the taxiway center line light. It will also use the light as an energy source and as an access point to data networks. The VoiceLink module can then be controlled from a Surface Management System or directly by a MegSense Air sensor and deliver configurable synthetic voice instructions to cockpits and vehicles depending on the area of ​​application and customer requirements.