MagSense Airport | Versatile Use Cases on the Airside

At many airports, several sensor technologies are already being used to support various business processes. One of the most important sensor-based systems on airports is the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) as it detects and identifies aircraft and vehicles operating on the aerodrome surface and draws up a synthetic map-based depiction of the overall traffic situation. Controllers use this information as a complement to the direct line of sight from the control tower in order to comprehend the traffic situation and to provide guidance instructions. The sensor technologies used today, radar and multilateration, are limited in their capabilities and are subject to disturbing influencing factors such as shading and reflections. In addition, there may always be weather conditions, which interfere with the exterior view or prevent it. At the same time, new functions have been added to the A-SMGCS over the last few years and increased levels of automation are strived for, which place higher demands on the data quality and the reliability of the sensor systems. As a result, airports have been actively searching for appropriate technologies for years to remedy the prevailing deficits of their existing systems, to increase the accuracy of the detection and to become independent of disturbance variables.

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