Truck Parking Space Detection | Parking Guidance for Trucks and Buses

The difficult parking situation of trucks and buses on parking and rest areas of motorways is sufficiently known. Even today the number of truck parking spaces required exceeds by far the number provided. For the coming years yet a significant increase in HGV traffic has been forecast, which will further deteriorate the parking situation. 

Having reached the maximum permitted driving time, truck drivers have no alternative than to take the mandatory rest period. They have to stop and park their trucks to comply with the regulations. However, if there are not enough vacant parking spaces, especially during evening hours, many trucks are often parked unlawfully in areas where they endanger not only themselves but pose a danger to others, too. 

Or, even if not parked in an actual hazardous way, parked trucks often obstruct other trucks which then cannot leave, or vacant spaces which cannot be approached (see picture below).

MagSense detects the occupancy of all parking spaces

With MagSense® MobiliSis® offers a complete system which allows detecting vacant and occupied (or partially occupied) parking spaces. Information is used to guide truck drivers by dynamic signs, web or app to vacant parking spaces, possibly to the very last one. Thus, depending on the current parking situation the drivers can decide already beforehand which parking and rest facilities to approach.

MagSense® Truck is a sophisticated and concerted combination of the patent-protected MagSense® sensor network and highly complex expert systems.

As the figure below shows, the sensors are arranged at close intervals along a parking space. So even a passenger car can easily be detected. The achieved detection rate is comparable to passenger car detection and reaches more than 99%. With MagSense® Truck all vehicles are easily detected, from passenger cars and vans (e.g. Mercedes Sprinter) to buses and semi-trailers.

At this point we would like to draw your attention to our business model "Buy data not sensors". With this business model every operator may raise the financial means necessary to install and use MagSense Truck.

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Obstruction and hazards caused by unlawfully parked truck on a busy service area

Exemplary arrangement of MagSense® for truck, camper, passenger car detection etc.

MagSense detection of truck & bus parking spaces

Your benefits

  • Accurate vacant/occupied detection
  • Length of the parked truck can be detected
  • Minute parking periods can be acquired
  • Detection of passenger cars on truck parking spaces
  • Route guidance to vacant parking spaces by dynamic signs
  • Display of available parking spaces via web or app
  • Integration into mobility platforms possible
  • Comparatively simple installation
  • Low costs
  • Business model "data instead of sensors" available