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Vehicle Detection | MagSense

Car Parking Detection with Magnetic Field Sensors

MagSense® is a very powerful magnetic field sensor for passenger car parking space detection

MagSense® cannot only detect and count accurately the number of vacant parking spaces. MagSense® can also help you to identify automatically parking offenders who block valuable parking space on your customer parking facility.

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Truck Parking Space Detection | Parking Guidance for Trucks and Buses

The difficult parking situation of trucks and buses on parking and rest areas of motorways is sufficiently known. Even today the number of truck parking spaces required exceeds by far the number provided. For the coming years yet a significant increase in HGV traffic has been forecast, which will further deteriorate the parking situation.

With MagSense® MobiliSis® offers a complete system which allows detecting vacant and occupied (or partially occupied) parking spaces. Information is used to guide truck drivers by dynamic signs, web or app to vacant parking spaces, possibly to the very last one.

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Unauthorized parking | Detection of unauthorized parked vehicles

Retail trade in cities faces particular problems. Parking space in the city centres is often very limited. Above all, the few available parking facilities are increasingly managed; parking fees are rising. The inevitable consequence is that visitors and residents frequently occupy vacant parking space intended for customers.

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Upper Park Deck | Vehicle Detection Through Steel and Concrete

Detect accurately vacant parking spaces on the upper park level, too.

Some car parks provide their customers not only with the convenient service of indicating how many vacant parking spaces are available, they even lead them directly to the last vacant parking spaces available. But in all car parks which have a non-roofed upper park level, the accurate counting and guidance ends exactly there.

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Counting on Ramps

With growing parking areas it takes longer to find one of the last vacant parking spaces in a car park or an underground parking.

Searching the last vacant parking space does not only take time, it is annoying, consumes energy and due to the exhaust fumes the breathing air degrades in car parks and underground parkings.

With MagSense® MobiliSis® offers individual parking space detection which ensures direct guidance to vacant spaces. Offer your customers a direct and, thus, optimum guidance to the vacant parking spaces.

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Handicapped Parking

Make sure that parking spaces can only be used by those entitled to do so

MobiliSis® has developed its own system for parking space detection. In combination with MagSense® and RFID (“radio-frequency identification”) it ensures that an individual parking space is occupied only by exactly the vehicle which is entitled to do so.

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Chargeable Parking

What has already become common practice in other countries can also be implemented here using MagSense®; monitoring chargeable parking in combination with the well-established mobile phone parking.

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Detection of Vehicle Direction

Automatic detection of wrong-way drivers at resting places

Time and again media report on drivers who for unfathomable reasons have entered the motorway or highway in the wrong direction. They have not only been a serious hazard but may even have caused accidents. Entering in the wrong direction may happen at access points as well as when leaving rest areas.

Here, with MagSense® MobiliSis® can offer a solution, too.

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Gate and bollard control

Magnetic field sensors can also be used for gate control. First of all, MagSense® ensures that a ticket is only issued if there is a vehicle in front of the gate, a feature that prevents misuse by endlessly drawing tickets. Furthermore, magnetic field sensors below the gate secure its closing after the vehicle has passed through.

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