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Car Parking Detection with Magnetic Field Sensors |outdoor

Make use of the advantages MagSense® offers for car detection

MagSense® is a very powerful magnetic field sensor for passenger car parking space detection

MagSense® cannot only detect and count accurately the number of vacant parking spaces. MagSense® can also help you to identify automatically parking offenders who block valuable parking space on your customer parking facility. It helps you to prevent customer migration when the scarce parking space is no longer available for the initial purpose of shopping but it is occupied by permanent parkers.

Guide you to the last vacant parking spaces by navigation

With growing size of a parking facility, a car park or an underground parking the time which is needed to find one of the last vacant parking spaces increases, too. The search for the the last vacant parking space does not only take time, it is also annoying, consumes energy and due to the exhaust fumes it degrades the breathing air in car park and underground parking.

With MagSense® MobiliSis® offers individual parking space detection which ensures that motorists are directly guided to vacant parking spaces.

The manifold skills of MagSense®

Parking space or access control etc. on MagSense


  • detects reliable parking space occupancy

  • provides precise parking times as well as their extend of exceeding

  • provides current and detailed data on parking processes for each parking space equipped with MagSense in public road space and parking facilities

  • transmitts accurate real-time data on parking processes via internet using a powerful 24/7 system

  • allows simple and direct guidance to the next vacant parking space on the basis of the data gathered in a network

  • minimizes parking search traffic and the same time improves the capacity utilisation of available parking space and

  • is ideally suitable for the retail trade and highly efficient in combination with online park and pay systems as well as their monitoring by owner and regulatory authority.

Parking guidance to vacant parking space by means of navigation


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