Our Offer | The Business Model "Buy Data not Sensors"

Buy Data not Sensors

As you can see on our website, on the one hand MobiliSis® offers high-quality and helpful applications based on the MagSense® magnetic field sensor, which may be very interesting for you. On the other hand, you may not be familiar with the technology underlying magnetic field sensors and you have not yet been able to assess its performance features appropriately. Or, you may have difficulties to bear the costs of installing a complete system out of daily business, but you are seriously interested in powerful vehicle detection.

In that case we can offer the "Buy data not sensors" business model, a way of realizing your project in an acceptable way.

The business model

We install a fully operating vehicle detection system using MagSense® sensors which meets your requirements. Via internet (24/7) the data acquired by the sensors (raw data) are directly transmitted to our computing centre, processed and evaluated there. Outsourcing the hardware reduces the costs; at the same time our staff ensures optimum data management and software maintenance.

Thus, the incurring costs are reduced to a monthly fee for the purchase of the acquired and evaluated data. If requested, we can even incorporate those in your website so that you can inform your customers optimally on currently vacant parking spaces, for example.

We will be happy to meet and jointly develop the optimum solution for you and your company. If our business model is interesting for you, please use our contact form to arrange an informative meeting.