MagSense - The system

The performance features of MagSense

MagSense ...

  • allows measuring parked and moving traffic,
  • can be used for traffic counts as well as individual parking space detection (passenger cartruck, bus, etc.),
  • has no limitation with regard to the number of parking spaces to be monitored,
  • can be installed in pre-assembled form and individually on site,
  • maximizes accuracy using a patent-protected magnetic field sensor technology as well as expert systems for the evaluation,
  • works at extremely low power consumption,
  • guarantees environment resistant design of sensor and cables,
  • is easy to integrate in already existing IT infrastructures, as for example parking and parking guidance systems,
  • includes intelligent incident detection and automatic sensor diagnostics,
  • provides for remote upgrading of sensor software and firmware,
  • without difficulty can be integrated in a cloud environment with full management system,
  • supports the "Software as a Service (SaaS)" business model, which facilitiates upgrades most easily,
  • using SaaS minimizes the costs for hardware and real-time access at any time and from any place (active system monitoring) and
  • ensures minimum maintenance costs.