Installation by Empty Conduit in a Cut

Installation der Magnetfeld-Sensoren im Schnitt und einem Leerrohr in Asphalt oder Beton

Installation of magnetic sensors by cutting and laying empty conduits in asphalt or concrete

The sensors can be laid directly in a cut  as described above or optionally fed conduit laid in a cut, which is filled with sealing compound. This kind of installation has the advantage that all construction work can be finished before the sensors will be installed.

When installing the empty conduits, make sure that there is a small shaft left at both ends of the conduit that allows the sensors to be fed in. They can either be made of solid metal or of strong plastic, covered by different caps (see below).

Cut with empty conduit

The empty conduit is laid directly into the cut.

Empty conduit and shaft

For very long cables additional shafts are recommended.

Metal shaft

Shaft in traffic area.

Finished shaft

Several cables can be merged to one shaft.

Plastic Shaft

Plastic shaft with empty conduit supply.

Several cables

The plastic shaft can be adapted to hold several cables.

Shaft with cap

The shaft is closed by a cap.

Finished shaft

The shaft finally can be covered with gravel.