Dual Sensor

The MagSense dual sensors offer a solution for vehicle detection systems and traffic management. The advantage over other sensors is their low cost and low power consumption, high sensitivity and reliability. Sensors are constructed to sustain all weather condition so they are suitable for underground mounting. Vehicles contain ferrous material that interferes with the intensity and direction of Earth's magnetic field. MagSense sensors are designed to accurately detect the direction and size of the magnetic field and they can very easily detect disturbances in the magnetic field caused by the presence or movement of the vehicles. Sensor bus is a set of inline parking sensors connected by a cable. Each sensor detects the presence of the car above and has optional a Bluetooth Low Energy smart transceiver which enables automatic car identification and payment by mobile phone or ICD device. MagSense sensors make cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications such as surveillance and traffic management, parking space detection, navigation to free parking place, locating/positioning of the vehicle and payment system.

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Your benefits

  • Autonomous system
  • No external power supply required
  • Visualisation of available parking spaces via web or app
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low costs
  • Specially designed for single parking space detection
  • Very high accuracy
  • Optional Bluetooth capability for communicating with ICD
  • "Buy data not sensors"