Hybrid Parking Sensor

Hybrid Parking Sensor (HPS) is a fully autonomous wireless parking sensor enhanced with double enclosure. The patented magnetometer and radar technology enable reliable and accurate vehicle detection. HPS, which comes in two different models (LoRa and NBIoT) is capable of transmitting parking data directly to the Internet. An onboard battery, backed by intelligent power management system, guarantees a long operational lifetime, with minimal maintenance. Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy communication module makes the system easily expandable and serviceable.

As with most solutions, each parking space is equipped with a sensor designed to detect vehicles in that location. Magnetic-based parking sensors relied on disturbances in the natural magnetic field caused by parked vehicles. However, some vehicles create stronger disturbances, which can cause false detections on nearby parking spots. To cope with that issue, RPS uses combined magnetometer and radar technology system which eliminates a majority of false positive or false negative detections. Such decrease in number of false detections yields up to 99% detection rate, regardless of any possible obstructions, such as dirt, snow or debris.

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Your benefits

  • Hybrid Magnetometer and Radar parking occupancy detection
  • Wireless communication via NBIoT Cellular Network
  • Wireless communication via LoRa network
  • Real-time parking spot status
  • Reliable detection in all weather conditions
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Expected battery lifetime 5-8 years