Airport Cologne-Bonn | Exact Counting of the largest Parking Garage

Ramp metering and area counting in car park P3 of Cologne Bonn Airport

In the largest car park of the Cologne Bonn Airport with its 6,504 parking lots MobiliSis® has successfully installed and put into operation their magnetic field sensor system MagSense®. It aims at giving passengers an overview at a glance so that they know how many parking lots are still available on which levels of the car park.

For that purpose in a first step the existing but inaccurately counting ultrasonic sensors were replaced by MagSense® 3DTC sensors. Magnetic field sensors can easily detect and count passing vehicles even through the reinforced concrete floor.

Installation of the magnetic field sensors in empty conduits at the ceiling

Installation at ground level in empty conduits below the paving

Communication via GSM (WiGo)

Communication between the 32 count locations installed and the server takes places via GSM. All data are processed on the server and then transmitted to the dynamic display panel, which is mounted inside the car park.

Thus, the data are stored in a kind of cloud from which they can be transmitted to dynamic displays, a web interface or a tablet for internal administration or to an app for passengers, as needed.

The system structure is a completely closed system. Therefore, no complicated integration in the security-relevant, internal IT system of the airport was necessary. Above all, the described system architecture allows a faster realization at lower costs.

The count data of the gates, too, are directly transmitted to the server by a WiGo via GSM

Car park P3 has 3 gates each at the entrance and exit. The data on entering and leaving vehicles are equally transmitted directly to the server via additionally installed WiGos. This means that even the occupancy on the lowest level is known and can be indicated.

Inside the car park there is a dynamic panel (made by MobiliSis®). It gives the passengers an overview at a glance on the parking situation on all levels already before going up.

Additionally the MobiliSis® app shows the passengers on their smartphones (Android, iOS und BlackBerry) the parking spaces which are still vacant.

MobiliSis provides comprehensive parking management

MobiliSis® has provided and installed in P3, the largest car park at the Airport Cologne Bonn, a comprehensive parking management system, ranging from the detection by magnetic field sensors and the communication and dynamic displays to the user surface for parking management.

The system architecture is characterized by its modular structure which can be expanded at any time and without problems since communication runs via GMS. Above all, the structure allows for a very low-cost but powerful package.

The basis of this product is laid by accurate counts using the MagSense® 3DTC magnetic field sensor system. It is only this accuracy which allows optimum guidance of passengers looking for a vacant parking space. The other modules provided by MobiliSis complete and perfect the functionalities.

Report on Parking Network