Mosbach | Parking Guidance System with Magnetic Field Sensors

Thanks to MagSense 3DTC the district town of Mosbach puts back into operation again its dynamic parking guidance system.

Two years ago inaccurate counts concerning vacant parking spaces in parking facilities and car parks caused Mosbach municipality to stop their dynamic parking guidance system completely. Customer complaints concerning f information about vacant parking spaces prompted Mosbach municipality to take this step. As at the Airport Cologne Bonn, in Mosbach the existing and incorrectly counting ultrasonic sensor system has been replaced by MagSense® 3DTC.

The magnetic field sensors can detect and count passing vehicles even through the reinforced concrete ceiling without any problems. Thus, the magnetic field sensor system by MobiliSis could be installed easily and quickly on all parking facilities and in all car parks.

See below the different installation possibilities applied in Mosbach:

Installation of magnetic field sensors below paving

In the City car park, which has a capacity of 320 parking lots, ...

... MagSense® 3DTC have been laid in empty conduits below the paving.

Installation of the magnetic field sensor system in asphalt

On the parking site Altstadt with its 116 spaces the inductive loops have been removed and replaced by the MagSense® 3DTC magnetic field sensors of MobiliSis®. Here, empty conduits have been laid in asphalt first in which the sensors could be threaded in later. It is, however, equally possible to lay the sensors in cuts, comparably to inductive loops, and then to seal them with bitumen.

Installation at a reinforced concrete ceiling and detection through the ceiling

In the car park "Alte Mälzerei" ...

... MagSense® has been installed at the respective ceiling below.

The dynamic parking guidance system now works trouble-free with MagSense®

After the complete dynamic parking guidance system of Mosbach had to be stopped two years ago because of incorrect counting, it could now be restarted with the help of MagSense®. For that purpose at all count locations in the car parks and parking sites the existing detection systems (ultrasonic sensors and inductive loops) have been replaced by the magnetic field sensors of MobiliSis®.

MagSense® 3DTC here counts with utmost accuracy. Since its start there have not been any customer complaints concerning incorrect occupancy numbers.

The major advantage of MagSense® is its very flexible application. In Mosbach all possible alternatives regarding its installation have been utilized: sensor installation below paving, in asphalt as well as from below at a reinforced concrete ceiling.

Report by Parking Network regarding the MobiliSis project in Mosbach