PlusCity Linz | Single Parking space detection

Single parking space detection at the PlusCity shopping centre in Linz, Austria

For single parking space detection MobiliSis® has installed their MagSense® magnetic sensors on the premises of the PlusCity shopping centre in Linz, Austria.

The highly modern shopping centre provides totally 4,200 free parking spaces for its customers. As a special service PlusCity uses a dynamic parking guidance system which guides the customers to vacant spaces. Thus, unnecessary parking search traffic can be prevented, which occurs mainly in times when the parking facilities are almost used to capacity. For that purpose the non-roofed parking facilities P2, P3, P4 and P5 have been equipped with MagSense®.sensors.

Such columns indicate the number of vacant parking spaces in the respective aisle.

Parking area P5 of PlusCity Linz as an example

Installation of the magnetic field sensors in cuts

The MagSense® magnetic field sensors are laid in cuts. Generally the sensors have been designed in a way that sealing with siliceous sand and bituminous material is sufficient.

At PlusCity Linz, however, decision has been taken to lay empty conduits into the cuts first. This allows threading the sensors also later.

The optimum case is the new setup of a parking area. Then the empty conduits can be laid prior to establishing the surface. This is the easiest and least expensive kind of installation.

At each end of the sensor threads cable chutes have to be provided for ...

... which are designed traversable within the traffic areas.

If the cable chutes are laid outside traffic space, ...

... they can be a lightweight construction.