REWE Leinfelden-Echterdingen | Counting with MagSense

Magnetic Field Sensors from MobiliSis are applied at the new and modern shopping centre in Leinfelden-Echterdingen

REWE & Media Markt improve their customer friendliness using the parking guidance system of MobiliSis®

In Leinfelden-Echterdingen a new and highly modern shopping centre of REWE and Media Markt has been opened. In order to enhance customer comfort and to prevent parking search traffic, the management has opted for MagSense®. The MagSense® magnetic field sensor developed by MobiliSis® counts the vehicles at the entrance and exit as well as inside the car park. Dynamic display panels both at the entrance and inside the car park indicate the remaining vacant parking spaces to the customers and guide them there.

The installation of MagSense 3DTC and the dynamic display of all levels at the entrance

The parking facility has a capacity of 315 parking spaces ...

... on the three parking levels.

Installation near entrance and exit

Near entrances and exits the magnetic field sensors of MobiliSis® are laid in empty conduits which can be accessed at both ends via cable chutes. The picture shows the empty conduits already laid in reinforced concrete.

Empty conduits are also used for the installation in the reinforced concrete ramps

Prior to paving the empty conduits are laid between the steel rod mats …

... but stick out laterally. Later the sensors are inserted from here.